segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011

... and now, with you... our english teacher.

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  1. Hi there to all Go Hands! What`s up? Are you all excited for the trip? All ready?

    I can say that you are in good hands with Lidia and Bad Bad, their English is more than perfect!!

    Want to eat? call Mauricio
    Want to go shopping? call Lidia
    Want to stroll? take both!!!

    Off course they have the best english teacher in the world, but they are wonderful students!

    Mane, Elisa, Silvia and Artur: I will give you one little tip to help you talk in USA...
    You always say: I don't speak english, talk to my friends Lidia or Bad Bad, please. rsrsr

    Enjoy your trip, have lots of fun, and if you need anything, I'll be here in touch.